Hi, I’m Taylor. ︎A chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator. 

Lao Peng You

Lao Peng You, meaning old friend, is a Chinese restaurant in Chicago. Family owned and built from childhood memories. The brand is approachable, fresh but feels like it has always been there. The logo to the family photos on the walls, each element is to evoke the emotions of home and family.

Services ︎︎︎ creative direction, logo, branding, illustration, social, web design, interior design, merchandise
Year ︎︎︎ 2019-2021
Printers ︎︎︎ Lucky Prints, JUS
Photographers ︎︎︎ Sandy Noto

Rose Pizzeria 

Rose Pizzeria is a new neighborhood full-service pizza restaurant located in Berkeley, California. The logo uses a hand-drawn script contrasted with a unique san serif to represent the natural and hand-made pizzas. Expanding off the logo, the illustrations lean into the brand's playful, nostalgic, and contemporary nature.

Services ︎︎︎ logo, branding, illustration, print design
Year ︎︎︎ 2021

Aon Center How To Campaign

Aon Center’s vibrant neighborhood, excellent views, and sky-high new amenities provide such a unique and elevated lifestyle shift that a series of illustrated how-to guides was necessary. Each release came equipped with a themed, customized gift and tips and tricks to help users get the most out of every day.

Services ︎︎︎ illustration, animations, email campaign, postcards, copywriting, packaging
Year ︎︎︎ 2019
Agency ︎︎︎Core 12


The Verso logo represents three unique buildings in River North. The challenge was to connect to the area's art and print history while feeling elevated. Each structure is defined with color and a simplified illustration of its shape, keeping it playful yet sophisticated to showcase the diversity and energy of Verso.

Services ︎︎︎ logo, branding, campaign messaging
Year ︎︎︎ 2019-2020
Agency ︎︎︎ Core 12

Taylor Reaves ︎︎︎ Designer ︎︎︎ Illustrator ︎︎︎Taylor Reaves ︎︎︎ Designer ︎︎︎ Illustrator ︎︎︎