Lao Peng You

I helped to open this family-owned restaurant in Chicago. My role was to build the brand from the ground up. Being a part of the Wat family, I was given a unique perspective when approaching the brand identity and interior designs.

Services: creative direction, brand identity, illustration, social, web design, interior design, merchandise, packaging, stationary 
Printers: JUS Studios, Lucky Prints, Heart & Bone Signs 
Photography: Jack Xiang Li, Sandy Noto


Chops and Daniel Wat have always dreamt of opening their own restaurant together. The challenge we faced was aligning the visuals and messaging with their love of Chinese food and the homey feeling of being surrounded by their loved ones.


Lao Peng You, meaning old friend, was our north star for how to approach everything. We looked at how they grew up going to their Nai Nai's house for inspiration. The picture frames on the walls with multiple images of family members collaged into one frame. The typography was inspired by old church handouts they received in their uncle's basement where the family gathered on a Sunday.


We ended up with a product that could be modern and fresh yet feel like it has always been there. From the logo to the family photos on the walls, each element evokes emotions of home and family.

Lao Peng You was recently featured on the TV series The Bear, along with winning multiple awards, being highlighted on most local food blogs, and have gained over 20K followers on Instagram.