Relish Works

Covering the shifts and challenges in the restaurant industry, we worked with the Relish Works team to create their Next Gen Operator website. The Grip team brought me on to develop an illustration system that a restaurant operator could relate to. After establishing the style, I worked with our lead designer, Dan Kunz, to execute a thoughtfully designed website.

Services: illustration, animation, web design 
Agency: Grip Design


Restaurant owners discussed the obstacles they faced during the pandemic and where they see the industry heading. Our goal was to tell that story compellingly by providing insight and conversations about what food service looks like moving forward.


To develop an illustration style that would feel approachable for the food service industry, I looked to cookbooks and vintage how-to guides to reference a style already recognizable to our audience. Adding a playful twist to the illustration compositions supported the copy to create an engaging and friendly user experience.


The website's launch allowed for a much-needed community around an ever-changing and sometimes confusing industry. The website and illustrations showcase an inclusive, fluid, and fun guide to look toward the future of food service.